MySQL and Oracle: Playing in the Same Sandbox

Did you know that approximately 70% of Oracle customers are also using MySQL?  The use cases for each database are often different – and sometime overlap.  But the needs of a database are the same – among them are security, integration with other products, and strong monitoring.  One of the advantages of the MySQL / Oracle relationship is that Oracle is integrating MySQL with many of its other software products such as:

  • Goldengate, for real time heterogeneous replication from/to MySQL and other databases.  Goldengate real life use cases include real time replication of selected MySQL data collected online to a data warehouse in Oracle, Teradata, Neteeza, etc; query offloading from a transactional system built on Oracle, DB2 Z series, SQL Server, etc to a MySQL query instance; and real time reporting by real time replication of a subset of data from corporate applications into a dedicated MySQL data mart.  Goldengate for MySQL is available now.
  • Database Firewall – Are you worried about SQL Injection?  Database firewall acts as your first line of defense by examining all incoming SQL transactions and using a SQL grammar based technology that can categorize millions of SQL statements into a small number of SQL characteristics.  Initially, you use the software to monitor incoming transactions.  It learns about normal activity in your system.  When you are ready to go into defensive mode, Database Firewall uses this SQL whitelist to create policies so you can block, log and notify on any abnormal SQL.  This is available with MySQL now, and is also available for other databases including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase.
  • Audit Vault will consolidate the audit stream from audit data into a secure repository with built in reporting for auditors and security personnel.  This certification will be phased in with the release of the MySQL audit API and subsequent integration with Audit Vault.
  • Oracle Secure Backup – This product provides encrypted tape backups, vault rotation, and policy driven media management and is integrated with MySQL Enterprise Backup. Secure Backup for MySQL is available now.

These are just a few of the product integrations.  At the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), I had the opportunity to present this topic on MySQL Friday.   You can find my slides at Slideshare:

Playing in the Same Sandbox:  MySQL and Oracle

The Oracle product certifications and integrations will allow you to use a common set of tools for Oracle and MySQL databases, and provide MySQL additional security and cost effective use. You’lll find more information on each of these products here:
Database Firewall


Audit Vault

Secure Backup

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